2017 7'x14' Scout Cargo Trailer 2-Tone with Plus Pkg.

Stock # 105594

VIN # 7732

MSRP $5,799

Our Price $5,299

Listing Information

  • Year 2017
  • Model Scout
  • Status Available

12345 Southeastern Avenue

Indianapolis, IN, 46259

(317) 862-3000

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2017 7'x14' Scout Cargo Trailer 2-Tone with Plus Pkg.

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E-Z, Fast Financing
2017 7' x 14' Scout Cargo Trailer
2- Tone Red/Black Exterior
6" Extra High (6'7" Int.)
30" Aerodynamic V-Nose Front
Appearance Pkg
3-Year Factory Warranty
Medium Duty Ramp Door

**NEW "PLUS PACKAGE"** Includes
Medium Duty Ramp Door w/Flap
24" ATP Stoneguard ILO of 16"
Bonded Sidewalls ILO Screws
Tube Wall Post 16" On Center ILO Z Post
Aluminum Roof ILO Galvanized
T-Style Door Holdback ILO Door Saver Chain

Appearance Pkg Includes:
Stainless Steel Center Caps
Chrome Bezel for LED Tail Lights

FREE UPGRADE Clear LED Exterior Lights
FREE UPGRADE LED 12V Interior Lights
FREE UPGRADE 16" On Center Walls
FREE UPGRADE DryMax Wall & Floor Upgrade

THE BIG 5 REASONS Scout is a Better Trailer
4" Tube Main Frame
Protective Wiring
Roof Flashing
Steel Backers
Sealed Floor Perimeters
Reinforced Front Walls

2/3,500# Drop Spring Axle
Aluminum Fenders
All Wheel Electric Brakes
Breakaway Kit
Z-Tech Undercoated Frame
2 5/16" Coupler
2,000# Front Tongue Jack
Color Wrapped Rear End
LED Strip Tail Lights
(1) Pair ABS Flow Thru Sidewall Vents
32" Side Door w/Flush Lock
24" On Center Floor & Ceiling
24" OC Walls (FREE UPGRADE Walls to 16"OC)
15" Bias Ply Tires (FREE UPGRADE Radial Tires)
White Mod Wheels (FREE UPGRADE to Silver Mod)
Galvanized Roof (UPGRADED TO Aluminum in Plus Pkg)
.030 Alum Ext (UPGRADED TO BONDED EXT in Plus Pkg)
Sealed Incandescent Ext Lighting (FREE UPGRADE to LED)
Plywood Walls (FREE UPGRADE: 3/8" DryMax Sidewalls)
Plywood Floor (FREE UPGRADE: 3/4"Dry Max Floor)
2-Dome Light w/12V Wall Switch (FREE Upgrade to LED)
16" Stone Guard (UPGRADED to 24" in Plus Pkg)
3 Year Factory Warranty

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